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  • Human Resources Questions about Virtual Operations

    As congregations plan for extended virtual operations, we are providing answers to common human resources questions related to remote work. We will add to this page as new issues emerge. ...
    By Jan Gartner | 7/24/2020
  • Reducing Your Minister’s Time - A Suggested Process

    Moving from full-time to part-time ministry asks the minister and congregation to consider renegotiating things that don’t neatly divide. Here is a suggested process based on mutuality and consent.
    By Erica Baron | 7/14/2020
  • Moving to Part Time Ministry

    There are times when a congregation needs to adjust their commitment to professional ministry in reducing hours. Here are some considerations from one of our small congregation program consultants.
    By Sarah Movius Schurr | 7/14/2020
  • What your religious professionals need right now

    If there was ever a time that you needed to trust that your religious leaders were making the best choices they could make, that time is now.
    By CB Beal | 7/10/2020
  • Money as Medicine: Rooting, Inspiring, Readying Congregational Stewardship

    What if you invested only in things that made a better world? What are the risks if you don’t do that? What if we could liberate money to be used as a tool for love?
    By Stewardship for Us | 7/7/2020

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