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  • Governance and Congregational Size

    All congregations must understand that the instruments of congregational polity will vary with the size of the congregation. The practices of governance must be suited to the characteristics of the individual congregation.
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 6/1/2005
  • Governance: A Historical Perspective

    An overview of how UU governance developed over time.
  • Why Governance? An Overview

    Governance is the system by which a congregation exercises its authority. A congregation may use any system to govern itself; it may change systems frequently or entirely ignore the systems it claims as its own, but as long as the congregation lives, it will continue to exercise...
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 6/1/2005
  • Make Guiding Documents Living Documents

    The vision, mission, covenant and other guiding documents can be incorporated into the life of the congregation in an unlimited number of ways in order to keep them in front of the members. The following are some suggestions:
  • Revisiting Guiding Documents

    To keep your mission, vision, covenant and other guiding documents relevant, it's helpful to revisit them every 5-7 years.
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 3/18/2005
  • An Exercise for Mission Discernment: Who are We?

    UU Communities can be very different from one another! Use this continuum exercise to see how your congregations understands itself.
    By Barbara Child | 3/18/2005
  • Vision Statement Tips

    Vision statements need to be useful to the leaders. Effective vision statements tend to have common characteristics.
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 3/16/2005
  • Consensus Model of Decision-Making: An Overview

    A consensus decision-making model empowers participants to cooperate with one another in order to reach an outcome that is in the best interest of the group as a whole and that furthers the group’s stated purpose.
    By First Parish in Lexington, Lexington, MA | 3/15/2005
  • Sample Powerful Questions for Congregational Discernment

    As your congregation moves into times of discernment, such as doing vision, mission, or covenant work, powerful questions are ways to surface deep understandings and creative ideas.
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 3/15/2005
  • Exit Interview Sample

    Looking for a way to reach out to members who are no longer attending? The UU Church of Berkeley shares their script.
    By Donald E. Skinner, UU Church of Berkeley, Kensington, CA | 11/1/2004
  • Reconciliation As a Spiritual Practice

    When we engage in reconciliation--which is different than an apology or forgiveness--we invite change that will transform a relationship.
    By Paula Cole Jones | 2/15/2004
  • Board-Staff Relations in Healthy Congregations

    Establishing good communication practices and healthy boundaries are essential to attracting and keeping good staff. This article gives an overview of good practices, with special tips for congregations of various sizes.
    By Stefan Jonasson | 6/1/2003
  • Church Office Basics

    An efficient office requires creative management and close adherence to deadlines. It also requires close cooperation between staffs and volunteers.
  • A Guide to Creating a Board Policy Book

    To help your congregation be nimble and effective, consider putting only the essentials in your congregation's bylaws, and put the rest into board policies. No matter the size of your congregation, policies can help to build institutional memory and structure, but can have the...
    By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group | 7/24/1999
  • Staff Benefits

  • Grants and Loans

  • Stand Up to Problem People: A Drive Time Essay

    As Unitarian Universalists (UUs), we pride ourselves on being inclusive and forgiving. We celebrate diversity and welcome all individuals. But occasionally a person comes to our church door who is bent on causing physical or emotional damage. What do we do then? ...
  • Accessibility: A Way to Live Out Our Values: A Drive Time Essay

    At First Unitarian Universalist Church, of Rochester, MN, people who used wheelchairs had to be pushed up a steep hill to get into the sanctuary. And when they reached the sanctuary, they still couldn’t get from there to other parts of the building without help. ...


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