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Governance: the UU University Track
Governance: the UU University Track
Governance for Congregations, Leadership Development

Policy-Based Governance

An on-demand webinar that explores the possibilities that excellent governance, closely tied to our values, mission and vision, can open up for our congregations and our future.

From the 2009 Unitarian Universalist (UU) University Track "Lighting the Leadership Chalice."

Questions asked and discussed:

  • Would you like to see your congregation's creativity and energy liberated to transform souls and bless the world?
  • Have you been thinking there's more your congregation is capable of achieving if only “the system” could better align and support its ministries?
  • Are you eager to explore the possibilities for congregational governance with other open-minded, dedicated leaders?

We often think of governance as separate from a congregation’s mission and vision, as separate from the difference a congregation exists to make in the world. But what if we unite the way we do our congregation’s business with our deepest sense of mission and vision? What might that enable us to do?

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UU University Event Reports

UU University Governance Deans:

  • Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs, Co-Minister, Unity Church in St. Paul, MN
  • Laura Park, Principal, Unity Consulting

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