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Nominating Committee Procedures: Writing Congregational Bylaws
Governance for Congregations, Bylaws & Policies

Sample Provisions

Example 1: The Nominations Committee shall publicize, solicit, and submit the names of all qualified candidates for vacant positions on the Board and Congregational Committees. Members who desire to serve in positions on the Board or Congregational Committees shall apply to the Nominations Committee, pursuant to standing rules adopted by the Committee.

Example 2: The first Nominating Committee meeting each year shall be called by the past president. The Committee shall work throughout the year to gather information on the interests, abilities and talents of all members and make this information available to standing committees as needs arise. They shall initiate an open sign-up for committees in May following the annual meeting and then work with the newly elected Governing Council to fill committee positions for the following year. The Nominating Committee shall notify the voting members of the Fellowship of its nominations for officers and trustees at least ten (10) days before the annual meeting by listing such nominations on the notice of the annual meeting, or by posting such nominations at the usual regular meeting place of Fellowship. Any voting member shall be entitled to nominate a candidate or candidates for any office from the floor at any meeting at which officers or trustees are being elected.

Example 3: For each annual election to be held at each Annual Meeting of the Congregation, the Nominating Committee shall submit one (1) nominee for the following available positions: (a) President; (b) Vice President; (c) Treasurer; (d) Secretary; (e) Board of Trustees; (f) Search Committee; (g) Nominating Committee. Nominations also shall be submitted at each annual election to fill the remainder of terms of office for Board of Trustee positions in which vacancies have occurred since the last annual election, the normal terms for such positions being then unexpired. The Nominating Committee shall issue a list of nominations no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Congregation. This list shall be published in the Church newsletter and posted at the then current place of meeting of the Church.

Example 4: The Committee shall elect a chairperson from among its members and shall prepare a slate of voting members, which shall not include members of the Committee as nominees to each elected office. The Committee shall propose three (3) nominees for the Nominating Committee with the remaining two (2) to be selected by the Board. As a condition for nomination, the Committee shall interview each candidate and obtain their consent to be nominated. No member of the Nominating Committee may serve successive terms. The slate of nominees shall be prepared in time for inclusion in the Notice of Annual Congregational Meeting. Vacancies on the Committee shall be filled by the Board. In any election, nominations for any office may be made from the floor, provided that the nominee is a member meeting all of the qualifications for the office and has given prior consent to such nomination.

Example 5: Additional nominations may be submitted from the floor of the annual meetings by voting members in accordance with the provisions of Robert's Rules of Order.

Example 6: The Committee shall (1) solicit and accept all nominations for officers from all trustees whose terms will be continuing; (2) confirm that nominees will serve if elected; and (3) prepare a slate of candidates to nominate for the Board of Trustees' offices. The committee shall strive for at least two (2) candidates per office where possible. The committee shall present its nominations at the regular May meeting of the church year. The election shall take place by secret ballot at this meeting, and the elected officers shall begin their terms of office following the annual June congregational meeting but before the end of the corporation's fiscal year. Their terms shall continue until new officers' terms begin.

Example 7: The Nominating Committee shall select from the church membership and submit a slate of candidates for each church office in accordance with the requirements in these bylaws as well as two (2) nominees for the Standing Funds Committee and five (5) nominees for the Nominating Committee, specifying one (1) of the latter to be Chairman. The Nominating Committee will also nominate replacements for interim vacancies between annual meetings among officers, committee chairpersons, and Standing Funds or Nominating Committee members for election by the Board.

Example 8: The nominating process must be concluded and candidates announced at least four (4) Sundays prior to the election meeting. Additional nominations will not be accepted at the Election meeting.

Example 9: The Nominating Committee shall suggest candidates for election to all vacancies and elective offices to be filled at the Annual Meeting, and shall file its report, in writing, with the Board no later than February 15. The Nominating Committee should act in an advisory capacity to the Board by suggesting candidates to fill vacancies for unexpired terms on the Board, whenever such vacancies occur. If the Committee is unable to nominate for any or all vacancies as designated by such report, the Board shall thereafter act as said committee. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be published by reading at Sunday services, and in writing sent to voting members, as soon as practical, and no later than the end of February. Other nominations may also be made for candidates for election under the following procedure: By written petition signed by at least one (1) voting member, delivered to an officer or Board member at least twenty (20) days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting, after which the President shall give proper notice of such petition to the voting members as time allows. Voting members may nominate themselves. The final written slate of candidates shall not indicate by which method each candidate was nominated. The terms of the Officers and Board members elected at the Annual or Special Meeting shall commence immediately following that meeting.

Example 10: The Nominating Committee will nominate people to fill vacancies and to stand for regular annual elections. For a regular election, they shall prepare a list of people who have agreed to serve and publish this list at least two (2) weeks prior to the election. Others may add names to the list and nominations shall be accepted from the floor. Any name submitted for nomination must be accepted as long as the nominated person is a voting member of the congregation. Members of the nominating committee shall act as clerks in the election.

Example 11: The Nominating Committee shall nominate persons for Moderator, Associate Moderator, Clerk, other Board members, Endowment Fund members, and the Nominating Committee, and any vacancies in such positions as prescribed in these bylaws. The Nominating Committee shall begin this process no later than October 1. The Nominating Committee shall also assist in the regular recruitment of volunteers for committees and other associated activities. The Nominating Committee shall attempt to achieve broad representation in the Association's elected offices. A person may serve in only one of these capacities at one time: elected officer or Board member, member of the Nominating or Endowment Committees, Committee on Ministry. An individual may participate on more than one committee or be a committee member and hold one of the positions mentioned above.

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