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Officers: Writing Congregational Bylaws
Governance for Congregations, Bylaws & Policies

Most congregations have designated officers. Generally, they are known by the titles president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, but once again, nomenclature may be specific to particular congregations and their cultures. We have presidents, moderators, and chairs; vice presidents, presidents-elect, associate moderators, and vice chairs; secretaries and clerks; and treasurers and financial officers, just to name a few. The bylaws should set out the names, numbers, terms, appointment process, and responsibilities of officers, as well as their relationship to the governing board. Some congregations elect their officers directly, whereas others allow boards to choose their own officers. Details of the nomination/election process are given in the "Nominating Committee" section of this document. As is true with many aspects of bylaws, pay attention to the legal nomenclature required by your jurisdiction.

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