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Youth Representative: Writing Congregational Bylaws
Governance for Congregations, Bylaws & Policies

Sample Provisions

Example 1: Optional Youth Representative. The Board may have a youth representative as an optional tenth member. The youth representative shall serve for a one (1) year term with full voting privileges. There shall be no youth representative on the Board when there is no qualified candidate in the Young Religious Unitarian Universalist (YRUU) youth group. The youth representative must meet the following qualifications: be a member of the church, be an active member of the YRUU youth group, want to be on the Board of Trustees, be willing and able to attend Board meetings, and be willing to report back to the YRUU on a regular basis about the Board Meetings. The nomination and approval procedure shall be as follows: (1) YRUU members shall nominate one (1) or more candidates; (2) YRUU advisors and the Religious Education Director shall review the candidate(s) to determine qualifications; (3) YRUU members shall vote to determine the nominee if there is more than one (1) qualified candidate; (4) the name of the nominee shall be submitted to the Nominating Committee; (5) Approval of the candidate shall be by election at the Annual Meeting.

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