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Affiliated/Auxiliary Organizations: Writing Congregational Bylaws
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Sample Provisions

Example 1: Auxiliary Organizations: Upon application to and approval by the Board, a group or organization which does not wish to function as a committee of the Church may become an auxiliary organization, sponsored by, but not funded by, the Church. The application may be approved if, among other things, it shows that the purpose, principles, and action of the organization will not be, or hold potential conflict with, the Bylaws or articles of Incorporation of the Church. The majority of the officers of the Auxiliary Organizations must be voting members of the Church.

Example 2: Affiliated Groups: Voluntary organizations of Association members, designed to further the interests of the Association, may be formed with the consent of the Board of Governors. Such groups shall be regarded as integral parts of the Association. The Board of Governors may appoint a liaison to the affiliated group for the purposes of information and communication. The affiliated groups may use the facilities of the Association, under the supervision of the Board of Governors. Each affiliated group shall submit a written annual report of its activities to the Board of Governors, and shall submit their records, books of account, and vouchers to the Board of Governors upon request.

Example 3: Organizations whose activities and practices are consistent with those of the Church may be recognized by the Steering Committee as "Affiliated Organizations." Such organizations will be given special consideration and support by the Steering Committee. Any three (3) or more voting members or associate members may petition the Steering Committee to establish such an Affiliated Organization. These organizations are responsible to the Steering Committee, which has the authority to revoke affiliation of any organization which no longer fits the above guidelines.

Example 4: Other informal groups or voluntary organizations, if identified with the church, may be formed with the approval of the Board. These groups will establish their own rules and select their own officers.

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