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Leadership as Faith Formation

Leadership Development is a kind of Faith Formation (i.e. Religious Education). We want each leader to develop self-awareness and find ways to cultivate and improve their full, authentic selves, especially in ways that make them better leaders.

Emotional Intelligence

Being aware of one's own emotions and how they influence judgment enables a leader to avoid being reactive when making decisions. Learning how to manage one's emotions helps a leader make decisions responsively and responsibly.

Spiritually Grounded

As religious leaders, it's important to have a "center" and a regular spiritual practice that helps us maintain that center. This not only avoids burnout, it also helps keep us focused on mission.

Embodying UU "DNA"

As Unitarian Universalist leaders, we need to understand the history and traditions of the movement as well as its core values and theology. The UU principles are just the tip of the iceberg of what it means to be UU.

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