Emergent Strategizing in Liminal Times

Emergent Strategizing in Liminal Times, May 25th 7:30 ET, Register Here (url). Image of curled up fern sprouts

This workshop is led by Shannon Harper, CER Youth and Emerging Adult Ministries Specialist.

It’s hard to make a strategic plan for our congregations while we’re recovering from the last two years of pandemic and the future is still looking uncertain. But what if we saw this liminal time, between active crisis mode (i.e. March 2020) and what it is we will become, as a time to simplify, heal, reconnect and reassess our community’s needs and aspirations?

Join other congregational leaders for this real-time introduction to emergent strategizing in liminal times. A follow-up online workshop will be available through the UU Leadership Institute for congregations wishing to facilitate their own emergent strategizing sessions. These offerings are inspired by the facilitation work of adrienne maree brown and UUA Congregational Life.

Cost for this workshop is $25. It is recommended that only one person from a congregation attend since registration is limited. Everyone who registers will receive all the materials needed to help with your own congregation’s emergent strategizing.

Registration is limited and once full there will be a wait list.

Register now!

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