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Institutionalizing a Ministry of Generosity - Homework
Institutionalizing a Ministry of Generosity - Homework

Note: This homework was created for participants in Institutionalizing a Ministry of Generosity, a project of the Pacific Western Region, but it can also be used by individuals/teams in a congregation wishing to become more intentional about nurturing generosity. It could be used as an outline for a faith formation class or pieces could be used for group reflections.

It makes sense to work through the homework in the order it is listed. Many of these pieces are quite short.

Please keep a journal with five sections and jot notes as you work through the homework or just as you go about your daily life.

  • Section One: Examples/Insights Related to Generosity
  • Section Two: Insights That Relate to Money (including raising it and spending it in our congregations)
  • Section Three: Ideas/Concepts for Congregational Exploration (and Possible Strategies)
  • Section Four: Implications for Me as an Individual/Leader
  • Section Five: Open Questions/Musings


Additional Assignment

  • Fill out your own “Personal Reflections on Generosity” form (found at the bottom of this page)
  • Invite three others in the congregation to do so. Let them know that they will get to decide what to share or not share.
  • Meet with them individually to discuss the areas they are willing to share. You are free to share some of yours as well but it is more about your listening to them.
  • Write a few notes about what the experience was like.
  • Prepare an introduction of yourself including a personal story about generosity—it could be your own generosity (or an insight about it) or how you have been touched by generosity.  No more than two minutes.

About the Author

  • The Rev. Jan Christian was hired as Congregational Life Staff for the Pacific Western Region in July, 2015. Her portfolio includes stewardship and ministerial transitions. Before assuming this position, Jan served for thirteen years as minister of our congregation in Ventura,...

Comments (2) (Open)

Thomas.Bozeman 2 months 1 week ago

The "Gifts are Meant to Keep Moving (PDF)" link seems to be dead.

While a “Personal Reflections on Generosity” form is mentioned near the bottom, I can't tell where to find it.

cwulff 2 months 2 days ago

Hi Tom! The link to Gifts are Meant to Keep Moving seems to be working now, but we've updated the link to include the name of the document in case you were concerned that you were being sent to the wrong document. We've also added a link to the questions that make up the "Personal Reflections on Generosity," which was a form for participants in the Institutionalizing a Ministry of Generosity program, but is really a simple sequence of questions. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention.

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