Rethinking UUA Salary Recommendations Improving Practicality, Advancing Equity, Leading with Integrity

UUA Salary Recommendations - Rethinking for Practicality, Equity, and Integrity

Salary Recommendations Rethink

Rethinking UUA Salary Recommendations for practicality, equity, and integrity

The original UUA Salary Recommendations were introduced in 1995. They have served congregations well for over a quarter-century. We're making some changes to improve practicality, advance equity, and ensure that we are leading with integrity.


In Mid-August, the Compensation Team presented a webinar reviewing the history of the UUA Compensation Program, discussing current successes and challenges, and outlining changes in methodology planned for the '23-'24 program year, to be published in late '22. The webinar was presented 10 times to more than 300 congregational leaders and employees. If you weren't able to attend, you can view the webinar here:

Highlights of our Shift in Methodology

Process is Primary

We're putting a greater emphasis on equity and transparency in decision-making and implementation related to pay. We'll be putting out a process document that covers general good policies and practices, along with guidance for appropriate use of our new salary structure. (See below.)

New Structure: Draft Documents

While we aren't yet ready to post the salary tables themselves, we're sharing our draft job level and size profile documents and invite you to comment.

We encourage you to submit your questions and/or feedback about the new structure (or any aspect of the revised salary program) by using this feedback survey. (Using the survey, rather than emailing us, helps us keep everyone's feedback together.)

Compensation and Staffing Survey

Information from the survey is feeding our new recommendations. We're posting general results of the survey on our Compensation and Staffing Survey page and will have a summary publicly available later in the fall.

Getting from Here to There

We're continuing to share our plans with, and seek feedback from, a variety of audiences. We're working with our compensation advisor to develop the salary bands and related materials. We expect to have refreshed process guidance, along with salary tables in the new structure, available in November.

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View General Assembly Workshops on Compensation

GA 2022: Transcending the Salary Tables: Integrity in Staff Compensation (Video, 64 minutes), with Jan Gartner and Rev. Lauren Smith. Salary tables only get us so far. As part of our commitment to institutional change, we’re furthering equity and integrity by refreshing our approach to compensation for congregational staff. We explore distributive and procedural justice, types of salary alignment, the practical and philosophical challenges of various pay methodologies, and more.

GA 2021: Compensation: Questioning Cultural Norms, Committing to Equity (Video, 82 minutes), with Rev. Michael Crumpler, Jan Gartner, Rev. Sierra-Marie Gerfao. A philosophical look at compensation, including why people are paid what they are paid and how we can live our UU values in compensating staff. Great for leadership discussion.

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Sean is thrilled to be part of the Compensation Team after serving as Executive Director for a UU congregation in Maryland. Prior to that, he pursued a career in the performing arts working onstage, behind the scenes, and in multiple administrative roles....

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