Welcoming Neurodivergent People: Skill Up

The Unitarian Universalist Association and Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association are launching a series of interviews and live Q&A to speak on neurodivergence, neurotypicality, and ableism. We hope it is informational for people of all neurotypes!

This series is an invitation into a deeper journey. One that will likely include dissonance and even disagreement. We expect this and welcome it. It will invite all of us to more deeply untangle our internalized ableism and to more clearly perceive the ableism in our communities. Read more about how we got to this series and where we hope it might take us.

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Currently Scheduled Events

Visit the calendar event links below to register to attend live or receive the recording.

  • August 19th 1-3pm ET/10-12pm PT with Heather Petit
  • September 7th 3-5pm ET/12-2pm PT with Ramon Selove
  • September 27 7-9pm ET/4-6pm PT with Meredith Plummer
  • November 16 5:30-7:30pm ET/2:30-4:30pm PT with the Rev. Sierra-Marie Gerfao, April Rosario, and Meredith Plummer
  • January 24 1-3pm ET/10am-12pm PT with the Rev. Leela Sinha

Even if you cannot attend the live event, it is worth it to register. Registrants are able to submit questions, and you can view responses later on your own time, as all registrants will receive recordings of each session.

Purchase Previous Skill Ups in This Series

Each presentation and live Q&A is recorded and will be available at the UUMA Storefront for $15.

Renaissance Credit

Learn how to receive Renaissance credit for participating in this series: PDF, 2 pages Word, 2 pages

Neurodivergence 101

Watch the first video in the series in which we discuss everything from a definition of neurodivergence, models of disability, communication, and much more with Heather Petit. Purchase the Q&A to Heather's presentation at the UUMA storefront.

Heather Petit (she/they) is an Aspirant to UU ministry who graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary in 2020, and interned at the UU Society of Mill Creek, Delaware. Heather is white, queer/genderqueer, multiply disabled, and multiply neurodivergent.

Heather’s entrepreneurial ministry is in creating and maintaining sustainable, relationally trustworthy workplaces. In addition to employing this ministry in leadership and strategy work at a major data sciences firm, they also serve as a member of the Hope for Us advisory panel.

Heather is married and has four children. They divide their time between Newark, Delaware, and Moylan, Pennsylvania.