New Day Rising Conference National 2021

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Type of event: Workshop

Email: kcharles@uua.org

Sponsor: UUA Congregational Life Staff Group

New Day Rising National Conference. Identifying Your Congregation’s Next Faithful Steps in Changing White Supremacy Culture. Worship, Workshops, Caucsing

Is your congregation ready to take a new step in changing white supremacy culture? Want to learn what your fellow congregations are working on, and how you might apply it at home?

Join a continent of UUs as we explore next steps in creating Beloved UU Communities

If you have already registered and need to get connected, visit the Whova site.

On Your Own:

Watch compelling video TED-talk style testimonials from selected congregations around the continent sharing their learnings, hopes and next steps in their quest for racial equity in their congregations

Together on February 27, 2021

  • 8a PT/9a MT/10a CT/11a ET - BIPOC Community Space Opens
  • 9a PT/10a MT/11a CT/12p ET - Welcome and Worship (1 hour)
  • 10:30a PT/11:30a MT/12:30p CT/1:30p ET - Workshop One (1.5 hours)
  • 12:30p PT/1:30p MT/2:30p CT/3:30p ET - Caucusing (1.5 hours)
  • 3p PT/4p MT/5p CT/6p ET - Workshop Two (1.5 hours)
  • 4:30p PT/5:30p MT/6:30p CT/7:30p ET - Goodbye Ritual (30 minutes)

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Do note that youth need to have permission forms signed before they can attend.
Cost will be a sliding scale fee of your choosing: $20/30/40/50.Registration fees are on a sliding scale, based on your assessment of your ability to pay.Those who pay at the two highest levels are making a donation to help those in financial need for this event. Please remember that for a sliding scale to work, we need the same number of people with means to generously pay more to balance the needs of those who can afford less. (This is one way we try to build the Beloved Community!) If you are part of a congregational team of three or more, please pay the lowest fee.

Brought to you by the Unitarian Universalist Association

Workshops Include:

  • Prework - Congregational Testimonial Videos about work they are doing.
  • Uprooting White Supremacy inherent in Covenant Building with Natalie Briscoe, Cameron Young, Christine Purcell. Offered in the 1st workshop slot.
  • Covenant, Evil and Labor: A Preface of Welcome for Young Folx of Color with Sara Green, Tyler Coles, Sana Saeed, Jaidyn Bryan, Rev. Stevie Carmody, Micaela Lattimer. Offered in the 1st workshop slot.
  • Congregational paths to address both Climate Crisis and Systemic Oppression with Rev. Karen Brammer. Offered in the 1st workshop slot.
  • Now What? For Religious Professionals Already Serving Diverse Congregations with Rev. Erica Baron. Offered in the 1st workshop slot.
  • Staying the Course - Navigating Pushback, Fatigue, and Reactivity in Dismantling White Supremacy with Hilary Allen. Offered in the 1st workshop slot.
  • Leading Anti-racism In Our Congregations As Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with Rev. Sunshine Wolfe. Offered in both workshop slots.
  • There’s an Elephant in the Room: How to Have Difficult Conversations in Church with Rev. Tandi Rogers. Offered in both workshop slots.
  • The 8th Principle with Paula Cole Jones. Offered in both workshop slots.
  • Organizing for Liberation: Developing an Organizing Strategy Rooting in Anti-Racism with Rev. Michael Crumpler and Organizing Strategy Team. Offered in the 2nd workshop slot.
  • Imani Ritual with Ayanna Kafi Stringer and Rev. Duncan E Teague. Offered in the 2nd workshop slot.
  • Foundations of Community Building with Shannon Harper. Offered in the 2nd workshop slot.
  • The Congregation of Our Dreams with Janice Marie Johnson. Offered in the 2nd workshop slot.
  • Song Writing with Lea Morris. Offered in the 2nd workshop slot.

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