Update on the Accessibility & Inclusion Ministry (AIM) Program

By Shelly Rohe

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Nothing could have prepared the world for the upheaval we would all face in 2020. We learned how fragile life can be, especially for those who are most vulnerable. It has become abundantly clear that every voice matters and needs to be heard.

EqUUal Access helps to amplify the voices of people with disabilities in UU congregations. We are presently working out how best to carry this mission forward, including with our signature program, Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM).

We know we must be flexible and allow the work to evolve. Through this period of renewal and revitalization, the AIM program will not be processing any new applications.

There are a couple of projects that are available right now, however. Our Website Elements of Accessibility (PDF) is a resource for adding ways your congregation has incorporated accessibility in your community on to your website as well as how your website is accessible itself.

Our other project is a series of worksheets (registration required for password-protected access) that has been created for congregations wishing to work on accessibility and inclusion. These worksheets can be done individually, or as a group and will only further your congregation’s efforts in this area.

As we continue to reimagine the AIM Program, we thank you for your patience. This sacred work is vital and transformative; we strive to honor the process.

Please reach out to Shelly Rohe, AIM Administrator, with questions, comments, suggestions, or for access to the worksheets: aim@uua.org

About the Author

Shelly Rohe

Shelly is a disability Advocate and Activist. She is the Administrator of AIM (Accessible and Inclusion Ministry), a joint program with the UUA and EqUUal Access. Shelly lives in Rochester, MN where she works, volunteers, and is a freelance writer.

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