UU the Vote Fundraising
UU the Vote Fundraising

The power of UU the Vote is it moves our UU faith communities into new or deeper action and partnerships by leveraging our greatest resources—our people and our passion—and focusing them where they can have the greatest impact.

Rather than trying to replicate what other movement organizations are already doing, the work of the UU the Vote national team is to: amplify the work already happening on the ground, equip each other with the skills and tools, coordinate our common activities, and to channel resources to parts of the country where the imbalance between the work that is needed and the resources that are available is the greatest.

This will include, among other things, offering organizing grants and funding fellowships for individuals, congregations, and UU State Action Networks—as well as deploying paid statewide organizers.

State Action Fund

We’re asking UU congregations to form the backbone of a $300,000 State Action Fund to bolster our existing resources so we can build out the state infrastructure, electoral technology, and on-the-ground organizing we need to make a difference in the 2020 election cycle.

Much of this work will happen at the state and local level, especially around ballot initiatives, and since we won’t know which initiatives will qualify for the ballot in 2020 until spring or early summer, the fund also provides us the flexibility to allocate resources where ballot initiatives and other local issue-based campaigns threaten our UU values.

With the State Action Fund, we will be better positioned to protect reproductive rights, voting rights, or other liberties, and to mobilize support to in areas where progressive measures (e.g., $15/hour living wage in Florida) will be voted on. Here’s how your congregation can support UU the Vote:

Step 1) Set a Goal

In this all-hands-on-deck moment, we invite each UU congregation to support the UU the Vote State Action Fund at whatever level they can. To meet this $300,000 goal, we need a minimum of 350 congregations contributing $500 or more.

► Let the UU the Vote Team know your congregation's fundraising goal, even if it's an estimate.

Because UU the Vote is non-partisan, gifts to support it are not political donations; they are considered charitable contributions.

Step 2) Devise a Plan

Once your congregation (or UU community) has set its goal, the choice of how to meet that goal is up to you. In addition to conducting share-the-plate or dedicated plate collections, consider additional ways to engage as many members of your community as possible, such as:

Tie-ins to UU the Vote activities

If your congregation is planning to conduct any UU the Vote related activities prior to May 1, your volunteers can invite others to pledge $1 for each new voter registered, or $2 for each hour spent door-knocking or phone-banking, etc.

Additional Fundraising Options

—Invite youth members to save spare change each week

—Host one or more house parties, and set a fundraising goal for each circle of participants

—Conduct a rummage or bake sale, trivia night or karaoke party

—Screen a relevant documentary, such as Suppressed: The Fight to Vote, and invite donations

—Invite the crafters among you to hold a craft fair and donate proceeds to UU the Vote

—Be creative! Join the UU the Vote Facebook group and Slack channel to share and get ideas

Step 3) Participate in UU the Vote Giving Day

Sunday, March 1, 2020, the weekend before Super Tuesday, UU the Vote is sponsoring a nationwide Giving Day. You can use March 1 to introduce UU the Vote to your congregation, or dive right in with a share-the-plate or special collection (or at later date). We’ll provide helpful materials and sample scripts, including text-to-give instructions (congregant giving via text-to-give will be credited to your congregation’s State Action Fund contribution). ​

► ​Download sample UU the Vote newsletter and collection announcements (Word doc).

► ​Download sample UU the Vote State Action Fund Collection Script (Word doc).

Step 4) Fulfill Your Pledge by May 1, 2020

Whether you choose to fulfill your congregation’s pledge in installments or send one check at the end, as soon as possible after May 1 mail a check made out to UU the Vote State Action Fund to:

UU the Vote State Action Fund
Attn: Gift Processing
24 Farnsworth Street
Boston, MA 02210


Need support with your congregation's electoral justice work? Join our UU the Vote weekly Office Hours, every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm Eastern.

For more information contact voting@uua.org.

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