Organizing Your Congregation
Organizing Your Congregation

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Whether your congregation is just starting electoral work or is already far along in the process, our comprehensive organizing toolkit can help.

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Establish Movement Partners

Many congregations already have justice partners whose efforts include voter outreach. Using your congregation as a source of volunteers for voter registration, door knocking, data entry, phone calling, can have a big impact with a relatively modest investment of organizing time and energy. You can also find out what other help they need—from designing flyers to researching voter guides, to organizing transportation, raising money and more.

Partnering with an existing organization that has a successful track record and a goal that aligns with UU the Vote is one of the best ways to keep building the movement for justice as we work for electoral justice in 2020 on the multiple issues that motivate people to vote.

Read more about identifying and initiating partnerships, as well as tips for effective partnerships, in the congregational toolkit.

Asset Mapping Your Resources

In many of the places we live, meeting space is a rare commodity that we can offer readily.​ Congregations can be invigorated with new life when they become hubs of community activities carried out by UUs, as well as community partners and unaffiliated groups. Church buildings can be used for candidate forums that provide a platform to hear from all candidates on the issues, non-partisan phone banks and canvassing operations, sites for educational events, community fundraisers, and much more.

Consider what resources (space, equipment, human resources, infrastructure) might be useful to people in our community who are aligned with this effort? How can we make those resources available on a regular basis? How can we let people know they can access them? 

►​ Download the Asset Mapping Inventory Checklist, created by the Minnesota UU Social Justice Alliance and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.


Rules for Nonprofits

Religious individuals and groups have played a prophetic role in public life throughout history by calling attention to oppression, demanding change, organizing for justice, and holding leaders and institutions accountable for their actions and policies. We have a moral responsibility—and are fully within our legal bounds—to be a voice in the public policy arena and a force in mobilizing communities to advance our values 365 days a year. 

Download UU the Vote Logos

Select from several logo shapes (horizontal, round, or square) to promote your electoral justice work

Apply for a Grant

Grants up to $500 are available for your 2020 Get Out The Vote (GOTV) projects. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all funds are awarded. Have a bigger UU the Vote related project? Larger grants for UU the Vote projects (especially those that emphasize partnership and build infrastructure that will last beyond the scope of the project) are available.

Electoral Resources

The UUA is supporting UU congregations, organizations, and individuals in a major effort for democracy and support of electoral justice in the 2020 elections. We have analysis, partners, resources and funding for you.

Need support with your congregation's electoral justice work? Join our UU the Vote weekly Office Hours, every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm Eastern.

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