#VoteLove, #DefeatHate and UU the Vote in 2020
UU the Vote in 2020
UU the Vote is a non-partisan faith initiative to engage our neighbors, educate our communities, mobilize voters, and rally around key ballot initiatives. All through 2020 the UUA is supporting congregations and UU organizations in activating thousands of Unitarian Universalists to mobilize for electoral justice at the local, state and national levels.


The stakes couldn’t be higher in the 2020 elections.

Directly or indirectly, the issues so many of us care most deeply about—climate change, LGBTQ rights, immigration, racial justice and more—will be on the ballot in 2020.

As progressive people of faith we can seize the opportunity that the current electoral cycle offers us to fight for our values, counter voter suppression, expand democracy, and engage in spiritually grounded, values-based issue conversations with other voters in our own communities.

In this political moment, UUs are called to join forces with all people who want to organize our communities and our nation to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate. Let’s UU the Vote in 2020.

Learn more about the campaign by viewing our January 12 launch webinar and slide presentation.

Grounded in UU Values and Principles

Unitarian Universalists have a legacy of working to expand democracy and to shape a world in which all people are free and flourishing. From our work for marriage equality, women’s suffrage, the abolition of slavery, for civil and voting rights, to advocating for a path to citizenship for immigrants, to taking on the ‘New Jim Crow’ and white supremacy today. 

Participating in our democracy is not only about our fifth principle. As UUs, our deepest beliefs are a life-giving, life-saving, life-sustaining alternative to the narratives and policies of domination, supremacy, exceptionalism, and exploitation that are on the rise.

Organizing Your Congregation

UU the Vote is an opportunity to integrate electoral engagement into strategies for change so that we are advancing our vision of a just world and beloved community in every arena available to us. It is not about abandoning the justice ministries we’ve been engaged in and switching all our work to working for voting rights and democracy defense. Nor is it only facilitating voter registration drives or get-out-the-vote campaigns. It’s a powerful chance to combine and expand them that's most effective when done in partnership with community, state, and national justice organizations.

Download the Toolkit

Regardless of whether your congregation is just starting electoral work or is already far along in the process, it’s always the right moment to strengthen your team. Our comprehensive toolkit can help.

Spiritual Nourishment

Nourishing our spiritual commitment to this work is as necessary as any other part of UU the Vote. Find and share pieces from your organizing and justice work that ground and support you spiritually and connect to the elements that strengthen you when things are tough.

For more information contact voting@uua.org.

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