The Flower Communion

Vases of daffodils and hyacinth on altar.

“Take good care of the religious work we have begun by persisting in the emphasis on positive attitudes toward life and on the building of strong character which can endure all storms and dangers. Precisely this ability is missing in many people who do not understand religion as something more than pious phrases and prayers.” Rev. Čapek

Celebrating Flower Communion is an excellent opportunity for Unitarian Universalist congregations to express their commitment to our Sixth Principle: We Covenant to Affirm and Promote the Goal of World Community with Peace, Liberty and Justice for All.

Here are a few suggestions for bringing Sixth Principle Ministry to life in relation to your Flower Communion service.


Through Education

Through Justice Making and Advocacy

  • During the Flower Communion service highlight the international advocacy work your congregation is already involved with, or invite the congregation to consider doing so by:

    • Participating in the Peacemaking study/action process.

Through Partnership

  • During the Flower Communion Service remember the importance of your congregation’s international partnership with a UU congregation in Transylvania, Hungary, India or the Philippines.
  • If your congregation doesn’t have a partner church, invite a conversation to become involved with partner church ministry through the UUPCC.

Through Faithful Stewardship

Through Pilgrimage and Witness

  • During the Flower Communion Service or following it:

    • Announce a congregational pilgrimage to your partner church
    • Share pictures and stories about a recent congregational pilgrimage
    • Invite the congregation to imagine a place where their religious witness would be helpful, and invite them to plan to do so.

Through Associational Leadership

  • Honor the International engagement leadership that a member of your congregation has provided locally or to the Unitarian Universalist movement.
  • Commit to share your congregation’s experiences in international engagement with other UU congregations—the UUA's International Resources Office would like to help you do so!

A brief documentary video about the Unitarian community in Prague, Czech Republic.

Norbert Fabian Čapek: A Spiritual Journey tells the story of his life and ministry, including the flower ceremony he created.

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