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Recommended Reading and Discussion Guides for International Engagement
Recommended Reading and Discussion Guides for International Engagement
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Google Library

Extensive suggestions for Unitarian Universalist (UU) International Engagement reading is available as a Google Library. Recommendations are organized into the Regional/National bookshelves, (ie, African Countries: History, Context and Engagement) and subject areas, (ie, UU Holdeen India Program).

Additional Bookshelves include recommendations for International partners in subjects like "Congregational Development" and "U/U History."

In the library you'll find links to free online editions of diverse works including:

and much more.

Recommended Books

A great place to begin is this 'short list' of recommended books.

  • International Partnership Handbook (PDF). Bedford, MA: UU Partner Church Council, 2006.
  • Keyes, David. Most Like an Arch: Building Global Church Partnerships. Chico, CA: Center for Free Religion, 1999. Discussion Guide
  • Reed, Rev. Clifford and Rev. Jill McAllister, eds. The Home We Share: Globalization, Post-Modernism and Unitarian/Universalist Theology—Proceedings of the 2nd ICUU Theological Symposium, Kolozsvár, Romania, July 3-8, 2006. Caerphilly, Wales: International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, 2007.
  • Sommer, John. Empowering the Oppressed: Grassroots Advocacy Movements in India. New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2001.

For assistance finding books in the Google Library that are out of print, please contact the UUA International Office (international [at] uua [dot] org).

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