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UUPCC Young Adult Grants for ICUU Conference & Council Meeting 2016

The UU Partner Church Council has set aside funds to provide assist young adult participants (ages 21 – 35) to attend the International Council of Unitarians & Universalists Conference and Council Meeting in July 2016. It is hoped that these funds will make it possible for young adults to join in the important international work of our shared faith. In the interests of open access and transparency, grants to attend the ICUU Council Meeting and Conference to be held July 2016 in the Netherlands will be determined via an application process. To be considered for such a grant, a completed application form must be returned to ICUU Young Adult Program leaders by email office@uupcc.org and to arrive no later than 15 March 2016. Download Grant Application (PDF) Eligibility Each applicant must be approved by the governing body of their national or regional organization and no more than two such recommendations will be considered from any country. For Canadian and US applicants who function under Congregational Polity you must submit a letter of recommendation from the minister or governing body of a congregation. Subsidies are given only to people who cannot otherwise afford to attend and an applicant agrees to provide on request any financial or other information that UU Partner Church Youth & Young Adult Initiative Team may need to consider applications. Criteria The following factors will be among those considered in making grants: - Priority is given to delegates and to persons who have not been funded to attend an ICUU event within the last three years - Priority will be given to young adults who wish to or are developing leadership skills within their faith U/U communities. - All grant recipients agree to participate fully in the Conference/Council meeting and the Young Adult Program. Selection The applications will be considered by the UU Partner Church Youth & Young Adult Initiative Team. We may not be able to provide grants to applications from all that apply and receipt by UU Partner Church Youth & Young Adult Initiative Team of an application should not be regarded as a commitment or promise to provide a grant. Grants may initially be available for only one participant per country. Grants Those whose are subsidised to attend the meeting are expected to arrange for and fund their own visas, if required, and to fund domestic transportation in their own country to the international airport, except in exceptional circumstances. ICUU will provide an international return air ticket to the site of the conference and cover the on-site conference costs for the participant up to the amount of the grant for travel and conference costs. Grants to include coverage of the following: Travel Expenses Philippines/India/Africa Participants 10 total $900 each European and E. European Participants 10 total $100 each US and Canada Participants 10 total $300 each Young Adult Conference Costs: Philippines/India/Africa Participants 10 total $400 each European and E. European Participants 10 total $200 each US and Canada Participants 10 total $100 each

International Youth Camp in Transylvania

UUPCC and the Hungarian Unitarian Church are partnering to create an International Youth Camp. It will be designed to serve high school teens who wish to be part of a pilgrimage and mission experience in Transylvania. Youth will journey to sites that are sacred to our religious tradition, and learn why they are still relevant to our modern faith movement. They will also participate in a service-oriented work project in Transylvania to benefit our Partners there. This camp is designed to allow youth groups, as well as individual UU teens who do not have access to a regular Group, to participate in Partnership. Approximate dates: beginning of August, 2016 Approximate costs: $1500 for airfare, and $1000 dollars per teen for in-country travel, room and meals. Getting ready: Qualified teens must be attending high school as of September 2016, be available for Zoom/Skype meetings as the year unfolds, and successfully complete a weekend Youth Group “bootcamp” in the Boston area before leaving for Transylvania in August 2016 (where all North American teens will learn to function as a successful Youth Group) Overseas travel: will include flying into Koloszvár, several pilgrimage sites in and around Kolozsvár, daily Youth Group meetings, time for games, skits, and lots of meals—and a service-oriented stay in a Transylvanian village. Total travel time including East coast “bootcamp”: 10-12 days For more information, or to apply, please direct your inquiries to Jennifer Emrich at jemryq@yahoo.com


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