UU Holdeen India Program Roadshow

The UU Holdeen India Program (UUHIP) is a powerful expression of Unitarian Universalism’s commitment to social justice. Since 1984, UUHIP has supported organizations of India’s most vulnerable groups as they seek to advance empowerment and promote equity. It is committed to enabling these groups to transform their social and economic conditions in directions of their own choosing. Derek Mitchell, Director of UUHIP, will be on a trip to the United States this summer to share stories of social transformation at the grassroots level in India. His travels will take him to the following UU congregations: Derek will speak about the challenges UUHIP partners face in opposing injustice and their groundbreaking achievements. His captivating accounts of social change carry lessons for those seeking justice anywhere in the world. He will also conduct a workshop on the strategies UUHIP partners pursue to inspire change in India. The workshop will explore the historical and theoretical roots of these strategies, what has worked most effectively, and how the changing scenario in a globalizing India may affect future struggles. He will conclude with a dialogue on how UUHIP partners and Unitarian Universalists in the United States can work more closely together to promote social justice at home and abroad.