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On the Road: UU Camps
On the Road: UU Camps
Op-ed   Summer is a time when some UU's take a break from weekly visits to their congregation and instead spend time in intentional multigenerational spaces.  I am one of these UU's.  Each summer since my birth I have traveled for at least one week to explore my spirituality and faith in a setting outside of my congregation and with people who with I become connected with immediately.  In my younger years I attended SUUSI with my grandparents, parents, and younger sister.  As I entered the tween years we stayed a little closer to home for our spiritual replenishment and began attending UUMAC.  The last two years I have had the honor of being invited to share the work of the UU-UNO.  I first learned about the fantastic work of the UU-UNO a few years back when Director Bruce Knotts attended as the weeks Theme Speaker.  It was refreshing to hear the work of UU's were being recognized at the United Nations at that international human rights were being addressed full speed ahead. This year at UUMAC I was the Young Adult (YA) Coordinator encouraging YA's to engage in international human rights work and to think about issues they are passionate about and apply an international lens.  We took time to discuss how our faith is expressed through our actions; our willingness to participate, speak up against injustice, and make time to find ourselves and pursue our passions.   The week was wonderful and youth joined the YA's in writing letters to childre n who are involved in our Every Child is Our Child program with words of encouragement and hope.                

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