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Indonesia is currently undergoing several simultaneous environmental disasters; from floods and mudslides to several volcanic eruptions, over 100 people have died as a result. Aryanto Nugroho, of the Unitarian Christian Church of Indonesia, has sent the following update:
Dear UU friends world wide, I would like to share information and request of prayer from Indonesia. Recently, Indonesia was beaten by several numerous disaster - started with Mud Flood at Wasior, Papua; then Tsunami Flood at Mentawai, West Sumatera; and the biggest Merapi Mountain Eruption at Central Java and Jogja. There was also a land slide at Toraja, Southern Celebes. We inform you that all of our church members - especially in Jogja, Klaten (central java), and Toraja - are safe from this disaster, not to neglect that this serial disasters create a deep wound and lost for a lot of people in our country. The Volcano activity that push the merapi eruption seems to wake several other active mountain around Java - Krakatoa, Semeru and Bromo. The Unitarian Christian Church of Indonesia - as a body - will send a donation through the Red Cross or a social organization named Jalinan Informasi Lingkar Merapi (Merapi Circle Information Network). We will also soon organize a volunteer among the youth to go to Jogja and join the national volunteer. Please pray for Indonesia, especially for the victims of the disaster and their family, with hope that they can recover soon.
Please keep Indonesia in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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