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Meet Aderko: An Every Child is Our Child Student in Ghana

Aderko Bless is a 14 years old student of Asitey presby JHS. He said his nickname is polite and it was given to him by his big brother. He comes from Ahabaso but stays at Asitey with his grandmother. He has lost both parents and thus he is a double orphan, they died when he was little. He is a second born of 5 children, he has 1 sister and 3 brothers who are with other relatives but he alone stays with his grandmother. He came to stay with his grandmother when he was 7 years. Apparently he believes and thinks his mother is still alive in some village and that it’s his father who is dead. He told us that his mother (who is rather his Aunt) stays at Sesiamang near Asesewa with his other siblings and he visits her during vacations. He was very young when his father died and was taken under the project when he was in class 3.

He wakes up very early in the morning, sweeps the house, fetches water and does other house hold chores, takes his bath and go to school. His school is not very far from the house so he walks to school. At school he has a part of the compound he sweep always and also do some cleaning. Classes then begin at 8am after going to the assembly grounds. He is in JHS 1, the subjects they learn at school are English, Social studies, Maths, Science and many others. He likes all the subjects his teachers teach at school but the subject he likes best is mathematics. He wants to be a Bank Manager in future.

He can speak English, Dagme and Twi. The games he likes best are football and ludu. He has a lot of friends in school but his best friends are Daniel and Isaac. He has been friends with Daniel since class 1 and Isaac since class 3. He said they are all good to him and they help each during studies or when they don’t understand a subject. His friends also said that Bless is a good, kind and caring friend to them, they play together, learn together and are always there for each other when in need. But they don’t indulge in any bad activities.

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Bless said he is always happy at school and does not feel sad despite the fact that his father is dead. He is happy he is able to come to school. The only time he is not happy is when maybe he needs something and his grandmother is unable to provide for him or when his grandmother does not have money to give to him for school since she is not really working to generate enough income for the house. He said he is a shy and a quite boy.

Mr. Odonkor, Aderko’s class teacher said Bless is a good child. He is punctual at school and comes to school always too. He is sociable, kind and always seen happy with his mates and there isn’t a day that you will find him sitting ideal or sad about anything. When it comes to academics Bless is an average student and he sees him picking up from the subjects he does not do well.


School closes at 2:30pm, when he gets home he finds some food to eat and if his grand mum has some food stuffs he takes them to the community to sell so as to also generate additional money to help in catering for him. He later in the evening helps his grandmother to prepare supper. He can also prepare food on his own example banku, boiled yam and kontomire stew. He then do his homework and goes to bed early so as to wake up early. He mostly sells the things on Mondays,Wednesdays and Thursdays. He goes to the farm on Saturdays to get some food items for the house.

Aderko’s grandmothers name is Maria Teteki Kemey a 64 years old woman. She comes from Asitey and is a catholic. She is Aderko’s maternal grandmother. She told us that Bless has lost both parents but they have not told him about his mother’s death since he was very little when she died but his father died 9 years ago. She told us Bless mother fell sick shortly and died and some few years later his father also fell sick and died. Initially Bless was staying with his aunty in another village and because his Aunt took care of him when he was very little he thinks his Aunt is his mother and that he has lost just his dad. The reason why they have not told him about his mother’s death yet is because they don’t want him to be sad so they intend telling him when he grows older. She stated that Bless is not really affected by the fact that he is an orphan because of his nature and that he becomes sad only when he is insulted with it. She is a farmer but lately she has become weak and cannot go to the farm so finds it difficult getting money to look after Bless. What she does now to get some income is the making of khebab sticks from bamboo. The sales from the khebab stick are not enough since the price is very cheap on the market.


She later pleaded that she is growing weak and cannot really do much hard work to generate enough income to support Aderko’s schooling, so if UU could assist her with money to start something so as to take care of his grandson she would be forever grateful. All the same may God continue to bless UU-UNO and the MKQMA for their assistance in Aderko’s education.

Finally Aderko Bless was very glad we talked to him, he said he appreciates all the help UU-UNO is giving to him to assist his school and that God richly bless them so that they will continue to be a blessing to him and many others who are also orphans. But if more help could be given to him and his grand mum since she isnot strong any more to work so as to provide his basic need at home too. He promised to learn hard so as to also become somebody great in future and he will also look after his grand mum and anyone in need.

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Aderko, an Every Child is Our Child student.
Bless homework

Aderko's good marks on his homework.