Gaza Action Alert

By UUA International Resources

Sadly, the dismal conditions in Gaza are causing enormous hardship for the people there, with particularly harsh effects on children. Churches for Middle East Peace, a coalition founded in part by the UUA, has organized a letter to President Obama calling for his leadership. Please join the UUA and Churches for Middle East Peace by taking action! CMEP Action Alert: One year after the Gaza war thousands of civilians are homeless and forced to rely on tents and mud brick houses for shelter. Children are among the most vulnerable and worst affected by the blockade policy that greatly restricts goods, people, and commerce from crossing Gaza's borders. Many children witnessed horrific events during last year's 23-day Israeli military operation. According to a local NGO in Gaza, "73 percent of Gaza children are still suffering from psychological and behavioral disorders, including psychological trauma, nightmares, involuntary urination, high blood pressure and diabetes." The blockade has inhibited access to medical equipment and health professionals. Many children are not getting the help they desperately need. The dismal conditions in Gaza are counter to American humanitarian values and strategically unsound for Israel's long term security. Take Action! Sign Churches for Middle East Peace's petition and ask President Obama to urgently address the needs of civilians in Gaza! Update: On June 7 the UU Service Committee (UUSC) issued a statement condemning the deadly attack in international waters early May 31 by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on a multinational, civilian fleet bound for Gaza. Although there are different versions of how the violence began and escalated on the flotilla's lead ship, nine civilians were killed and many more were wounded as a result of the IDF's raid against the convoy. Read more about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the UUSC's Gaza Humanitarian Relief Fund, and how you can get involved!

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