Argentina’s Lower House Recognizes Gender Identity
Argentina’s Lower House Recognizes Gender Identity

La identidad de género es “la vivencia interna e individual del género tal como cada persona la siente profundamente, la cual podría corresponder o no con el sexo asignado al momento del nacimiento,” text from the Gender Identity Bill that was approved in the Argentine Lower House on November 30, 2011 

One year after legalizing gay marriage, the lower house of Argentina’s Congress passed a gender identity bill, which will give trans people in Argentina the right to gender recognition under the law.  This bill will also allow trans individuals to access proper health care, such as hormonal or surgical treatments, within the public health system.  In order to become a law, the Senate will have to approve the bill in 2012.  A newspaper article in La Nacion, an Argentine periodical, is available in Spanish here. In a world filled with a great deal of intolerance, we at the UU-UNO are refreshed by the progressive stance that the Argentine government has taken on LGBT rights.  The bill’s text, cited above in Spanish, defines gender identity as the experience of gender as the individual feels it, and recognizes that this gender experience often does not correspond with the sex an individual has been assigned at the time of birth

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