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International Engagement & Building Peace
  • Every Child is Our Child, giving orphan children the chance at a bright future

    I visited the Every Child is Our Child program in Eastern Ghana from December 2-7, 2017.  The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) began its collaboration with the Manye Krobo Queen Mothers in 2005, launching this program which would go on to change so many...
    By Bruce Knotts | 12/19/2017
  • Libya Alarms World in Footage of African Migrants Being Auctioned Off

    The fight to end slavery worldwide has a long way to go. Recent footage released in November by CNN has shown black people being auctioned off as slaves in Libya. Reports reveal that these people being abused were migrants seeking to escape to Europe through the North...
    By Rani Allan | 12/18/2017
  • The Call from Pacific Islanders - Human Rights and Climate Change

    The 2017 United Nations Climate Conference, COP23, took place in Bonn, Germany from November 6 to November 18. However, the real host of this conference was actually Fiji, a small island nation in South Pacific. Because Fiji is constrained by its domestic capacity, Bonn, the...
    By Mengluo Ren | 12/8/2017
  • International Apathy Towards Rohingya Human Rights

    With the onset of the most recent blatant disregard for human rights in Burma, it has become apparent that Rohingya Muslims are some of the most persecuted people in the world. The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic-minority group that is currently facing an ethnic cleansing. They...
    By Katia Altern | 12/6/2017

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