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International Engagement & Building Peace
  • Bolivian UU on Hunger Strike

    Unitarian Universalists who have been involved with the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, or who attended the International Convocation of U/U Women this past February are likely to know Olga Flores Bedregal. Olga has joined with three other Bolivians in a...
    By Eric Cherry | 5/21/2009
  • Sharing Global Faith - May

    Sharing Global Faith gathers Unitarian and Universalist voices from around the world in a unique devotional e-resource. Reflecting on various aspects of faith life, participants share spiritual insight into the stories and thoughts that fuel their ministerial call. Distributed...
    By Eric Cherry | 5/19/2009
  • UU Church of the Philippines

    The UU Church of the Philippines (UUCP) has embarked upon a Sustainability Program that seeks to build a Dormitory in Dumaguette City. Congregations and individuals can find out more about this exciting program by visiting the project website . Or, check out a recording of the...
    By Eric Cherry | 5/11/2009
  • Standing on the Side of Love in Mexico

    Earlier this Spring the President of the UU Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Lee Veal - received the following correspondence: Hola Lee, Francisco Lagunes Gaitán de la Libre Comunidad Unitaria de Mexico (LCUM) me paso tu nombre... Estoy buscando a un ministro...
    By Eric Cherry | 5/8/2009

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