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  • New Bishop of Transylvania Unitarian Church

    The current minister of First Unitarian Church in Kolozsvár, Transylvania, Rev. Bálint Benczédi Ferenc, was elected the new Bishop of the Transylvanian Unitarian Church on Friday, December 5, 2008. Since First Unitarian Church in Kolozsvár is a common stop during pilgrimages to...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 12/17/2008
  • Mumbai attacks: "The Roar of Creation Resolves into Music" - R. Tagore

    Eboo Patel is the Director of Interfaith Youth Corp and was the Starr King School’s President’s Lecturer at General Assembly 2009 . On December 1st he posted his reflections on the attacks in Mumbai to the Washington Post's "On Faith" blog. My father's best childhood friend owns...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 12/8/2008
  • HIV-AIDS contexts during President Sinkford's pilgrimage

    (cross-posted from President Sinkford's blog about his pilgrimage to Africa: uupilgrimage.blogspot.com ) One of the major issues that President Sinkford and his companions have been in dialogue about during the Pilgrimage is the various responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 12/1/2008

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