III. Local Action for United Nations Sunday

Part of UN Sunday

As part of the Global UU Story, Unitarian Universalists around the world work for social justice causes they care about. UN Sunday offers an opportunity to consider the theme during a worship service, but congregations must also take action in order to make change. Here are just a few examples of the many ways that you can incorporate action into your congregation’s celebration of UN Sunday to advance climate justice.


UU the Vote for Climate Justice

October 25 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM Eastern

Join UU the Vote, UU Ministry for Earth, the UU@UN, and New Florida Majority for a webinar and phone-banking opportunity! In the afternoon on UN Sunday, October 25, hear from the climate justice organizing staff of New Florida Majority about how climate justice is on the ballot in Florida, and from the UU@UN about international climate justice issues at stake during this election. UUs committed to climate justice will then participate in two national UU the Vote phonebanks to Florida voters on October 27 and November 3. Event details

Graphic advertizing a "UU the Vote for Climate Justice" event on October 25, 2020 with photos of presenters Nicole Pressley, Joanne Perodin, and Allison Hess.


Harvest the Power 2020

Unitarian Universalists are invited to participate in Harvest the Power this Fall through a sprint of collective action and faith formation weaving together all Unitarian Universalist justice ministries. This is a shared endeavor between UUA, Side with Love, UU the Vote, and UUMFE.

  • October 21-27 Week of Action with UU the Vote
  • November 4-18 Post-election Virtual Spaces for Community Care & Formation
  • November 19-22 Virtual Justice Convergence & Decolonization Teach-In
  • November 26 Plymouth Day of Mourning 50th Anniversary Virtual Observance (hosted on Side with Love and UUA FB page)

Learn more about these events andacquaint yourself with UU theological grounding around decarceration, decriminalization, and democracy.


Green Sanctuary 2020: A Faithful Response to Climate Urgency

If your congregation is not already accredited, or wants to deepen the urgent commitment to climate justice, use UN Sunday as an opportunity to gather support and start working to become a Green Sanctuary. This is a key time as the UUA is launching the New Green Sanctuary Program: A Faithful Response to Climate Urgency. Learn more online about the new Green Sanctuary Program design and simplified accreditation process.

Watch the Green Sanctuary 2020 Introductory Webinar:

In this launch webinar, hear from Rev. Karen Brammer and other members of the Green Sanctuary Program leadership team about this new edition of the Program and how you can use it to transform congregational life with your church.

View on YouTube

Campaign to Strengthen Local Climate Commitments

There are 800+ Unitarian Universalist congregations in communities where an official climate commitment has been made by local elected leadership! Join the Strengthen Local Climate Commitments (SLCC) campaign to seek action, accountability and justice in your local climate policy process.

Here’s where to start:

  • SIGN UP and join the SLCC Monthly National Collaboration Calls, every first-Wednesday at 5 PM PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET.
  • TAKE ACTION - 198 Mayors recently released a letter calling on Congress to take bold action for climate, racial and health justice. Send an email to thank your mayor for their leadership, or join the campaign and get your mayor on board.
  • LEARN MORE - Find out what your community has committed to by searching for your state and county in the resource (spreadsheet) titled “3 SLCC TOOL Locations Sortable for Climate Commitments” on CreateClimateJustice.net (do a word search for “3 SLCC TOOL” in the left menu bar).

Training: Direct Action for Climate Justice

Bring activists in your congregation together for a screening of this training video on Direct Action for Climate Justice. After watching the video, discuss how your group will move ahead, who is interested in taking on different roles within the movement, and how you might partner with local organizations and existing campaigns for climate justice.