Intergenerational Small Group Leader Application: Spring Seminar

Applications for Intergenerational Small Group Facilitators are now being accepted for the 2023 Spring Seminar. Seminar registrants of all ages are encouraged to apply! Please apply by March 5, 2023.

Position Description

Periodically throughout the event, all participants will break out into assigned Intergenerational Small Groups of around 10 people to reflect, process, and openly discuss the topics addressed and share how they affect them in their lives, their spirituality, and how they are called to respond. Group members are intentionally distributed so that each group includes people from diverse ages and backgrounds to ensure intergenerational collaboration and learning. Intergen. Small Group Leaders will facilitate these conversations, while also being responsible for keeping an eye and an ear on how the members of their Group are doing, perceiving and bringing up any issues to Seminar staff.

Before the Seminar

There will be virtual training conducted via Zoom before the seminar to review roles, responsibilities, and facilitation techniques. Intergen Small Group Leaders will be contacted via email with details about that training call.

During the Seminar

Intergen Small Group Leaders facilitate small group discussions during the Seminar. Prompt questions and activities will be provided for three scheduled discussion sessions. The efforts of Intergen Small Group Leaders will help to provide time during Spring Seminar where each participant feels heard and connected. Intergen Small Group Leaders will touch base after each session with the Seminar’s Adult Dean to check in on how the participants are doing and make adjustments to the programming as needed.

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