Get Involved with ECOC
Get Involved with ECOC
International Engagement & Building Peace

How to get involved with the UU Office at the UN (UU@UN) Every Child is Our Child (ECOC) program.

  • Donate: Please consider donating to Every Child is Our Child to support a student through primary school for the upcoming year. The UU@UN's ECOC fund is separate from other operating costs; all donations specified for ECOC will go directly to support and empower children and women in Ghana. Note: all contributions are tax deductible.
  • Religious Education: Getting children involved in supporting the ECOC program is a perfect way to help them connect with kids on the other side of the world and learn about the issues addresssed by the program. Please contact unitednations [at] uua [dot] org for some materials to involve your religious education program with Every Child is Our Child.
  • Fundraise: Congregations across the United States and Canada have introduced ECOC into their RE and social justice programs. If you are interested in spreading awareness of HIV/AIDS to your congregations or holding a fundraiser for ECOC, please contact our ECOC intern at unintern [at] uua [dot] org (subject: Attn%3A%20ECOC) . Check out this list of fundraising ideas for inspiration!
  • Keep In Touch: Check out our Facebook page.  Like and follow for updates on our students and on the status of the HIV/AIDS pandemic!

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