A Prayer for the People of Kabul

Small tea light candles lit and collected on a tray

We pray today for the people of Kabul.

We mourn the horrific loss of life. Children and adults who will never know the future, never be able to contribute to a greater good. The loss of these souls is a loss for all humanity.

We share the pain of those who were injured, who bear great physical and emotional burdens and whose lives have been changed forever.

We pray for an end to the violence.

We pray for a time, soon to come, when those who believe differently can live side by side, peacefully, respectfully, and without fear.

We pray that the world will listen and learn. We pray that Kabul will rebuild. We pray that dialogue and shared humanity will replace bombs and hatred.

We pray for a better world.

We pray today for the people of Kabul and all those whose lives are changed by violence. May we turn our prayers into actions of peacemaking, love, and understanding.

We pray for healing.

We pray for peace for Afghanistan, a nation that has known war for far too long.

We pray that in the face of conflict we all may learn to be better people.

We pray today for the victims, for Kabul, and for our world.

About the Author

Keith Kron

Rev. Keith Kron is the Director of the Transitions Office for the Unitarian Universalist Association, helping congregations and ministers as they navigate the ministerial search process. He is the former Director of the Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Concerns for the UUA....

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