Congregations Engage with the Holdeen India Program

There are several ways that Unitarian Universalist congregations can express their solidarity with the work of the UU Holdeen India Program. Congregations are invited to dedicate a special collection during a worship service to support the Holdeen India Program.

Food Sovereignty Video

Consider spotlighting the HIP partner Yakshi's inspiring food justice work during your congregation's worship service! You may show this 2-minute video during a service or other event: “Asserting Food Sovereignty” (Vimeo), by Yakshi, a partner organization of the UU Holdeen India Program. Use the following language to introduce the video:

“The Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program strives to advance social and economic empowerment in India. For over 40 years, we have built long-term partnerships with grassroots service organizations across India. Many have gained national and international recognition for their work.
One of the most critical issues for our partners is promoting the farming of wholesome natural food crops. One of these partners is Yakshi. This organization works closely with the communities of two southern states of India, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. These communities have rich and diverse food cultures, based on the cultivation of resilient, drought-resistant crops and foraging in abundant forests. Yet these cultures face threats from changes in land use.
Yakshi holds popular education workshops in these communities to revive and invigorate traditional food systems. The communities gather every year for food sovereignty summits to celebrate diverse food cultures, pray to the spirits of theirs lands and forests, and exchange heirloom seeds. As you will see in this video from Yakshi, the impact has been profound.”

Congregational Actions

Explore the actions that congregations around the country have already taken! Contact us at to invite someone from our office to visit your congregation or discuss ways your group can support the program.