Women's Leadership Training: Innovations in India, Kenya, and Transylvania

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Sponsor: International Convocation of UU Women, UUA International Resources: UU Office at the United Nations

Time: 5:00 AM Pacific / 8:00 AM Eastern / 1:00 PM Central Europe / 2:00 PM Romania / 3:00 PM Kenya / 5:30 PM India

Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence necessary for their full and equal societal participation. Women’s rights activists from Kenya, India, and Romania will talk about their experiences empowering women and girls through education, training, and raising awareness, illustrating a set of good practices based on what has worked and what challenges remain. Panelists include Dr. Rica Lamar, co-founder of Manbha Foundation, Shillong, India; Noel Lutomia, project coordinator of Acacia in Kenya; and Gizella Nagy, creator of the first Leadership School for Transylvanian women.

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