Women and Trees: Together as Climate Activists

Trees offer inspiration and hope for a healthy future for our planet. Women in Guatemala and other Latin American countries explore the potential of trees and nature to confront climate change and the importance of bottom-up forest restoration and local land management. Women also engage in dangerous protests to protect old-growth forests of the Amazon and the Bolivian Highlands, often on indigenous land. Speakers will outline these efforts and lead discussion of how we can partner with forests and trees to repair and protect the Earth. Register in advance for this meeting.


Erin Beasley
Executive Director of Ecosystem Restoration Camps USA
Carmen Capriles
Founder of Reacción Climática
Debra Pritchard, moderator
International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women (IWC)

About the Forum

This is a parallel event hosted by IWC as part of the NGO CSW66 Forum.

The NGO CSW66 Forum, which will run parallel to the CSW66 session (66th Commission on the Status of Women, an annual summit at UN Headquarters), will take place from 13-25 March, kicking off with Consultation Day on the 13th. The NGO CSW66 Forum will be virtual and is open to the public, regardless of ECOSOC-accreditation status.

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