Upholding & Undermining White Supremacy - how contemporary religious identity does both

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Type of event: Webinar

Sponsor: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, NGO Committee on Human Rights, UUA International Resources: UU Office at the United Nations

Robert Jones has recently published a well evidenced demonstration that White Supremacy and White Christianity share not only common roots but also contemporary synergies. This is counter-intuitive to many people of faith who share a conviction that faith (their religion particularly) is anti-racist. This event highlights and explores this commonplace misunderstanding and provide points of light, where religion plays a very positive role in dismantling racism and upholding the dignity of all humans.

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This event took place via zoom and a recording is available on YouTube.

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Headshot of Robert P. Jones

Robert Jones, author of "White Too Long; The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity”

Headshot of Alan H. Green

Alan H. Green, Broadway Actor, Anti-Racism activist, and Baptist Deacon.

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