Sustainable Fashion for All: Examining the Industry Through the Lens of Social Justice

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Sponsor: UUA International Resources: UU Office at the United Nations

Event Recording & Resources

This event took place on Zoom and a recording is available on YouTube.

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Check out the Sustainable Fashion for All Post-Program Resource (PDF) which includes slides about each presenter as well as further information about the topic and opportunities to take action to create sustainable fashion for all!

About the Event

Please join the Unitarian Universalist Association Office at the United Nations (UU@UN), United Nations Department of Global Communications, Fordham University, Fashion Revolution, and the United Nations Association of New York for our sustainable fashion show and panel event entitled Sustainable Fashion for All: Examining the Industry Through The Lens of Social Justice. The event will feature sustainable fashion experts, economists, and global sustainable fashion activists. It will also include displays of recent sustainable fashion designs that you will enjoy. The goal of the fashion event is to ignite discussion on the importance of sustainable fashion and showcase designers at the forefront of sustainable and culturally diverse clothing and ethical consumerism. Panelists will highlight the different ways to systematically change the processing and supply chain management of the fashion industry as well as their experiences promoting sustainable fashion around the world.

The panel will discuss harmful practices and human rights violations of the fast-fashion industry. The fast fashion industry hurts millions of people and it has been justly criticized for perpetuating poverty in developing countries and perpetuating unsuitable manufacturing methods. Fast fashion is unsustainable for many reasons including natural resource extraction and CO2 emissions. We will also discuss the exploitation of poorly paid labor working in dangerous and unhealthy working conditions. At the same time, fast fashion contributes to environmental degradation.

Download the event flyer (pdf)

Featured Speakers

  • Cyril Naicker, South African Sustainable Fashion Activist.
  • Ayesha Barenblat, Founder of a sustainable fashion documentary movement that mobilizes women within the fast-fashion industry.
  • Hyejune Park, Professor specializing in Fashion Production.
  • Amber Barth, representing the International Labor Organization

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