Misogyny Goes Viral: Protecting Women from Digital Violence

Misogyny has gone viral. Women and girls are increasingly facing a new realm of violence and harassment online, especially via social media. Weapons include stalking, threats of violence, online impersonation, sharing of intimate images or personal details without consent. Young women are more often the targets, and this violence is impacting their personal lives, jobs, and careers. Following a global overview of digital violence by young Unitarian women leaders in India, an executive from Refuge, an NGO that runs the National Domestic Abuse Helpline in the UK, will talk about public policy and offer practical advice for women to protect themselves online. Register in advance for this meeting.


Alisha Marba Rani
Seng Kynthei, the Women’s Wing of the Unitarian Union of North East India (SKUUNEI)
Liza M. Lamar
Seng Kynthei, the Women’s Wing of the Unitarian Union of North East India (SKUUNEI)
Jessica Eagleton
Refuge UK, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer
Beth O'Connell (moderator)
Vice President, International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women (IWC)

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