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LGBTQI+ Global Treatment: A Canary in the Coal Mine Panel Discussion


Sponsor: UUA International Resources: UU Office at the United Nations

Object: How the treatment of LGBTQI+ people is an indicator of National Governance


Provisional Agenda:

12:10 pm Introduction of the panel:  Anthony Torres


  • Long Jones - asylum seeker featured in Call Me Kuchu, a documentary on the LGBTQI+ struggles in Uganda
  • Sahar Moazami - United Nations Program Officer
  • Boyan Konstantinov - Policy Specialist, HIV, Health and Development, UNDP

Moderator: Anthony Torres - LGBTQIProgram Intern at the UU-UNO

12:15 pm Opening statement: Anthony Torres

12:20 pm Panel discussion

Proposed guiding questions:

  • Many countries have, in recent years, been adopting marriage equality and other protections for the LGBTQI+ community. At the same time, however, other countries have been moving in the complete opposite direction by not only criminalizing LGBTQI+ people but also threatening and taking lives. In your words, what do you think is creating this divide among nation-states’ treatment of this population?
  • Do you see a correlation between this respective development and erosion of LGBTQI+ rights and the development and erosion of good governance within countries? 
  • Long Jones: Can you tell us about your journey in the fight for LGBTQI+ rights, from your time in Uganda till now? What were some of the issues and concerns that you faced in Uganda and how do they compare with the struggles that you are facing now?
  • Since LGBTQI+ rights are human rights, the protection and enhancement of those rights is generally viewed principally as a moral issue. However, could you speak to the economic importance for a nation to enhance LGBTQI+ rights?
  • Could you speak about data collection in the LGBTQI+ global community? What essential issues need to be considered when collecting information—e.g. who is collecting that information, and for what purpose, and what is the result?  Specifically, what are your thoughts on the current battle in the U.S. around including questions related to LGBTQI+ status in the 2020 census?

12:50 pm Q&A from the floor

1:10 pm Closing remarks