The Workplace Worldwide: The Experiences of LGBTQI+ People

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About the Event

Women have made extraordinary strides in the fight for equality in the workplace over the last century. However, when considering the intersections of gender and sexuality, LGBTQI+ women and non-binary people continue to face immense discrimination and systemic barriers. In this webinar, guest panelists will share their expertise about what this experience looks like across the globe. From Asia to Africa, we will explore the progress that has been made, as well as the struggles that continue to exist in the workplace. Register in advance for this webinar.


Sameena Azhar (she/her)

Headshot of Sameena Azhar wearing a black hoodie and dangling earrings

Sameena Azhar

Sameena Azhar, MPH, MSW, PhD has 18 years of clinical and research experience in the fields of mental health, substance abuse and HIV. Her research has been funded through the Council on Social Work Education's Minority Fellowship Program, the University of Chicago's Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS) in Urdu through the U.S. Department of Education, Ford Foundation, and the HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute (RETI) at Fordham University. She has also worked for several years as a Behavioral Intervention Trainer for the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, housed in the STD Control Branch of the California Department of Public Health and as a Clinical Social Worker for Ward 86, the HIV clinic at San Francisco General Hospital. Sameena has lived and worked in the Bronx, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Delhi, Philadelphia, Hyderabad, Chicago, and now Harlem. She is currently engaged in three major research projects. (1) She is conducting an examination of guru-chela culture of khwaja sira (third gender people) in Mingora, Swat, Pakistan. (2) With three other Asian American female social work researchers, Sameena is beginning a project examining how anti-Asian racism impacts the mental health of Asian American populations in the United States through the COVID-19 pandemic. (3) With four other researchers at the Graduate School of Social Service, she is leading a project examining public attitudes in New York City, regarding the racialization of COVID-19 stigma. She is currently serving on Fordham's Faculty Senate Salary and Benefits Committee and the President's Human Resources Considerations Task Force for the reopening of Fordham. Sameena plays jazz piano and grows orchids.

Laura Quiros (she/her)

Headshot of Laura Quiros wearing a grey dress

Laura Quiros

Dr. Laura Quiros, Ph.D., LMSW advises, coaches, and trains boards of directors, executives, and other professionals across the corporate, professional services, higher education, and non-profit sectors to advance their DEI efforts. She regularly works with clients to expand their racial literacy and help them communicate more openly about race and racism. She also helps clients identify, understand, and overcome issues that create a culture of organizational whiteness.

For the past 11 years, Dr. Quiros has served as an Associate Professor of Social Work at Adelphi University, where she teaches social work practice at the doctoral and master's levels. Her research and scholarly interests focus on the social construction of racial and ethnic identity and trauma informed care through a social justice lens. Dr. Quiros also serves as the Director of Adelphi University’s external Diversity Certificate Program offered through the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. She was awarded the Adelphi University 2021Award for Excellence in Teaching Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (SJEDI). The annual Excellence in Teaching SJEDI Award honors an Adelphi professor who demonstrates a commitment to SJEDI inside the classroom above and beyond the standard curriculum for the faculty member's discipline.

As a woman of color from a multicultural background, Dr. Quiros leverages her experiences, relationship building, and clinical skills to foster connections, inclusion, and empathic accountability. Having to negotiate her own identity required her to create safe spaces to survive and thrive and helped her develop tools that allow her to relate to various experiences that impact diverse groups.

Dr. Quiros earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Welfare from The Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York, where her dissertation focused on “The Social Construction of Racial and Ethnic Identity among Women of Color from Mixed Ancestry: Psychological Freedoms and Sociological.” She also earned a master’s degree in social work from Hunter College School of Social Work and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Skidmore College. Dr. Quiros' latest book focuses on incorporating diversity and inclusion into trauma-informed social work.

Ezgi Ulusoy Yilmaz (she/her)

Headshot of Ezgi Ulusoy Yilmaz smiling at the camera

Ezgi Ulusoy Yilmaz

Ezgi Ulusoy Yilmaz was born in 1983, in Izmir, Turkey. She graduated from Istanbul University, department of English Interpreting and Translation. She holds a Master’s degree from İstanbul Bilgi University, department of International Relations and Political Science. She worked as Vice Coordinator in Research and Business Development Department in Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) between 2004 – 2009, and then as Specialist in Izmir Commodity Exchange between 2009-2012. Between 2012-2014, she was commissioned as Lobby Specialist for Asian-Pacific Region in Izmir’s candidacy for EXPO 2020. During this position, she actively participated in the humanitarian aid activities in Laos, Cambodia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Nauru. She contributed to translation of book collections and her first translated work titled, “Coffee: A Dark History” was published by MB Publications in 2009. She also partook in the narration and editing team of series of Business Guides during her position in DEIK. She also worked in Migration Research Center in Istanbul Bilgi University between 2006-2008 and partook in the projects of “Karacaagac: Organic Village” and “Children Village” of The Foundation for Protecting Children in Need – KORUNCUK between 2018 - 2021. She is the Founding Board Member of Turuncu (Orange) Association working for gender equality, and Founding Board Member of SKOOP – Izmir Development Social Cooperative, one of the leading social cooperatives in Turkey, working for social benefit. Ms. Ezgi Ulusoy Yilmaz is working as an Executive in Agritrade Tarim Inc. operating in edible oil trading and she is married with 4-year old twins.

About the Forum

This is a parallel event hosted by the UUA Office at the UN as part of the NGO CSW66 Forum.

The NGO CSW66 Forum, which will run parallel to the CSW66 session (66th Commission on the Status of Women, an annual summit at UN Headquarters), will take place from 13-25 March, kicking off with Consultation Day on the 13th. The NGO CSW66 Forum will be virtual and is open to the public, regardless of ECOSOC-accreditation status.

Register to attend the NGO CSW66 Virtual Forum to have access to the virtual platform before the start of the Forum on 13 March 2022. Use the platform as an advocacy tool by seeing who else is registered to the platform and networking with them.

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