Climate-Smart Strategies: Creating Bold Bolivian Women!

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Sponsor: International Convocation of UU Women, UUA International Resources: UU Office at the United Nations

Time: 10:30 PM Pacific / 1:30 PM Eastern and Bolivia

Women’s participation is vital to achieve transformational economic, environmental, and social changes required for sustainable development. The feminization of poverty endures, and women are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change. Sustainable development experts from Bolivia and the U.S. will present their work on empowering rural Bolivian women economically and improving livelihoods through climate-smart development. Panelists include Erin Beasley, Executive Director of Ecosystem Restoration Camps USA; Carmen Capriles, Founder of Reacción Climática; and Helga Gruberg Cazón, Founding Member of Gaia Pacha Foundation.

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