Immigration Call Script
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General Instructions

  1. If you do not already know your elected Members of Congress, you can identify them by entering your zip code on
  2. Determine if your Representative cosponsored CIR ASAP (H.R.4321). If they were a cosponsor, you could call to thank them for their support. (It is always good for them to hear positive feedback.) If your Representative did not cosponsor call to urge that they do so. Urge your Senators to adopt provisions similar to what is in H.R. 4321. (See script below.)
  3. Call your Member’s Washington, DC, office, and ask to speak to their legislative assistant in charge of immigration.
  4. If you don’t have the chance to speak with the legislative assistant, leave them a message.

Call Script

You: Hello, my name is ___(your name)__. I’m a constituent from ____(home town)____. Could I please speak to the Legislative Assistant who handles immigration?

Congressional Office: Hi, this is XXXX, how can I help you?

You: Hello, this is ___(your name)__ from ___(home town) ____. I'm calling to ask that the Representative (or Senator) support comprehensive immigration reform by adopting the provisions in Rep. Luis Gutierrez’ CIR-ASAP Act. I’m a citizen and a religious person, and based on my values I want reform that protects all workers and values all families. The sooner the better.”

Congressional Office: I will let the Congressman/woman know that we talked and make sure that he/she takes a look at the bill.

You: Thank you for your time. I hope that Rep. (or Sen.) XXXX will support this much needed legislation. Can I get your email so that I can follow up with you on this issue? Thanks again.

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