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Guidebooks and Toolkits for Immigration: Faithful Witness and Action

Unitarian Universalist Resources

Other Resources

  • For You Were Once a Stranger (PDF, 112 pages)
    Interfaith Worker Justice. This comprehensive resource provides historical background, the faith perspective on immigration, and suggestions for taking action in your community. Published Spring 2007.
  • The Bible as the Ultimate Immigration Handbook, (PDF, 10 pages): Written by, for, and about migrants, immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers
    Joan M. Maruskin. A beautiful exploration of the Bible as a story of movement and hospitality towards the uprooted.
  • Sojourners, September/October 2007 Issue
    Sojourners Magazine. Three articles and one interview online. This issue features a collection of pieces on sanctuary: "Sacred Refuge," "Living in God's House," "The Church is the Last Safe Haven," and "Standing Up for Sanctuary."
  • Restoring the Right to Due Process (PDF, 20 page)
    Breakthrough, Detention Watch Network. A "tool kit" for immigrant rights advocates that explains how immigration policy passed in 1996 undermines the right to due process today. Includes ideas for activities and taking action.

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