Immigration, Faith Development

This Study & Resource Guide is intended to help facilitate the current Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) Process, begun at General Assembly 2010, where the delegates chose “Immigration as a Moral Issue” for the topic that our congregations would explore over the next four years.

Suggestions for How to Use This Study & Resource Guide

Due to numerous requests, the first part of this study guide has been formatted to be used as a six week long adult religious education curriculum. Each of the six sections is intended to address a different aspect of this complex issue. The course as a whole attempts to give participants a broad understanding of the various forces within the issue of immigration. The second part of the study guide follows the format of the previous CSAI guides—listing resources for further study. The organization of the resources roughly parallels that of the curriculum.

For those who feel they have little understanding, it is strongly suggested that they start with the course, preferably with a group, or independently if necessary. Those who feel that they understand some aspects of the immigration debate well but would like to learn more about others may wish to focus on the additional resources listed. One could have a study group that delves into only one of the subsections, such as border enforcement or the history of the concept of “American” or a theology that empowers the historically marginalized.

Please note: Although the curriculum has been formatted along the lines of the curricula from Ministries and Faith Development (MFD), it has not been field-tested, and users should not expect the same quality as the MFD curricula. There may be sections that take longer or shorter than planned when implemented in a group discussion. Facilitators will have to use their best judgment as to how to partition the time as needed by their discussion participants. Constructive feedback will be appreciated and should be sent to socialjustice [at] uua [dot] org.

We sincerely hope this guide will be of use to you as you participate in the development of a Unitarian Universalist Statement of Conscience on Immigration to be voted on by the delegates at the 2013 General Assembly.

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