Congregational Study/Action Issue Study Guide 2010-2014
Congregational Study/Action Issue Study Guide 2010-2014
Faith Development, Immigration

Immigration as a Moral Issue

"Immigration as a Moral Issue" is the Unitarian Universalist Association's Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) 2010—2014. This study guide was created to help Unitarian Universalist congregations and individuals engage in the issue of immigration. Section I is organized as a six week curriculum, intended to give a broad overview to this complex issue. Sections II and III list additional organizations and resources that might be helpful to more deeply study and act on this issue.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Suggestions for Use

About Compassionate Communication

I. Six Week Introductory Curriculum

Download the entire six week curriculum, with handouts, as a single PDF (148 pages).

  1. Week One: Understanding the Causes of Migration
  2. Week Two: History of Immigration in the U.S.
  3. Week Three: Economics of (Im)migration
  4. Week Four: Security, Enforcement, and Human Rights
  5. Week Five: Who Benefits from a Broken System?
  6. Week Six: Seeking Solutions

II. Additional Resources

Additional resources for deeper study/action

(Multiple views are represented in the resource list; inclusion should not be interpreted as endorsement by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.)

III. Immigration Organizations

List of Unitarian Universalist and partner organizations working on immigration


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