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Faith Development Office

  • The Unitarian Universalist Association's Faith Development Office hosts webinars from time to time. Many address topics requested by UU religious professionals and lay leaders. ...

General Assembly Presentations

Justice and Inclusion: Ministering Effectively in Our Multicultural World

  • By Hope Johnson, Janice Marie Johnson, UUA Multicultural Growth and Witness: Multicultural Ministries Office
    An interview with Rev. Hope Johnson, one of two women of color granted emerita status in 2018.

Love Resists: A Justice Campaign Sponsored by the UUSC and the UUA

  • The prison industrial complex is built upon a cycle of re-incarceration that it perpetuates. Many folks held in cages because of unaffordable bail are there because they are caught in a vicious cycle where they are being re-arrested for past challenges with unpaid fees/fines or court cases. (1) ...
  • You have joined Love Resists to translate our values into action to resist the criminalization of our neighbors and communities and create...

Pacific Western Region

Press Releases

Social Justice Statements

Uplift: Uplifting LGBTQ+ Experience Within and Beyond Unitarian Universalism

  • By Cathy Rion Starr
    Last week, I stood in front of the ICE offices in Hartford for several hours -- ironically directly across the street from the lesbian law firm that my partner and I paid a lot of money to protect our queer family from the Trump administration (they helped us with the second parent adoption of our...
  • By J Mase III
    As Black trans people, we are a community often the target of criminalization, homelessness, murder and joblessness. As #BlackTransMagick, we ask ourselves “how do we protect our spirits and those of our loved ones who face so much trauma?”

UU Voices: Stories from the Movement

Worship Lab: Posts on Crafting Worship

  • By Christian Schmidt, Kristin Grassel Schmidt
    In every worship service at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, you’ll hear diverse voices, sources, and viewpoints. The...

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection