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Outreach for Your Congregation

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Centering the Margins in Outreach Work

This workshop was presented at General Assembly 2018 as a "re-frame" for how the UUA Outreach & Public Witness Office will focus on centering the margins in the outreach resources we provide to congregations in the coming years.

Slides for Centering the Margins in Outreach Work

Accountable Outreach Worksheet

Unitarian Universalist Brand Identity

The UU brand identity is a shared way to effectively communicate boldness, compassion, reverence, and relevance. Developed by the UUA in 2014, it offers a flexible approach to design, images and words. Congregations are invited to use these colors and graphics:


Your website is the first thing most people see, so make it a great one! The UUA WordPress Theme for Congregations is like a template for building a site: it comes with a beautiful and functional design, organized for effective communication and ease of use. Further, it comes with sample text you can use to communicate the vibrancy of our faith and your congregation. Visit the WordPress Theme information page to learn more.

Tips for Reaching "Nones," Activists & Spiritual Seekers Through Social Media

Tips for Reaching "Nones," Activists & Spiritual Seekers Through Social Media (PDF), published by the Side with Love Campaign, focuses on 8 tips for reaching people where they are:

  1. Share the content your audience wants
  2. Follow your friends
  3. Be a good friend
  4. Be pro-active but balanced
  5. Stick to the rules—Facebook!
  6. Stick to the rules—Twitter!
  7. Stick to the Twitter tricks
  8. Take a digital Sabbath, and encourage your followers to do the same!

"Congregations Reaching Out" Toolkit

The "Congregations Reaching Out" Toolkit published by the Pacific Western Region of the UUA covers four components:

  1. Finding Your Target Audience
  2. Social Media Strategy for Outreach
  3. Planning and Promoting Great Outreach Events
  4. Shareable Images and Graphics for Outreach

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Pamphlets for Newcomers

Newly updated UU pamphlets with short, accessible, and clear introductions to Unitarian Universalist beliefs, identities and practices show visitors to your congregation what they might expect to find in most UU communities. Visit the pamphlet page to explore.

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