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Welcoming Guests in Our Congregations

Be more intentional about the welcome extended to guests who come to our congregations each week. Here are some resources that can help:


  • "Does your church put out the 'welcome' mat or the 'do not disturb' sign?" asks Gary L. McIntosh's book Beyond the First Visit: the Complete Guide to Connecting Guests to Your Church. This gives an important look at your church through the eyes of a first-time guest.
  • Widening the Welcome of Your Church: Biblical Hospitality & the Vital Congregation by Fred Bernhard and Steve Clapp discusses compelling welcoming issues from being a caring host, to welcoming children, youth, and young adults, to considering physical facilities and worship, while offering useful checklists to aid us in widening our welcome to all.
  • Daniel Homan and Lonni Collins Pratt's book Radical Hospitality: Benedict's way of Love has become a classic text for exploring what it means to be truly welcoming to others, both at church and in all of life.

Welcome A Unitarian Universalist Primer

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