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The 6th National Conference for Midsize Congregations
The 6th National Conference for Midsize Congregations
Membership Growth & Outreach

Congregational Change is Personal: Meeting People Where They Are and Moving On

Nearly three hundred lay and professional congregational leaders met at the Hyatt Regency, Phoenix, AZ, from March 2-5, 2006, to ask and answer questions that are central to the well-being of midsize church communities.  Some of the issues raised included what are we willing or not willing to do to encourage growth, what steps can we take to ensure financial stability now and in the years ahead, what methods of governing are the most effective, how do we nurture our many generations, and what is our place in the larger community.

Keynote Presentation


The following documents are in PDF format.

Conference materials NOW Available!

The following documents are in PDF format.

  • 1A Radical Hospitality: How to Attract and Retain Visitors
  • 1B Staffing for Growth in the Midsize Congregation
  • 1C Many Paths One Journey—Taking the Next Steps
1D From Large MidSize to Small Large: Breaking Through Self-Defining Barriers IE Deep & Soulful: Vital Youth Ministry 1F Transforming Congregations: Transitions in Governance and Organization 1H Stewardship is a Personal Lifestyle, Not an Annual Church Event—Painless Person-to-Person Annual Budget Drive Workshop 2A Marketing 101 for Congregations 2B Goldilocks and the Three Boards 2C Congregational Identity and Board Effectiveness in a Multicultural World 2D Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara: The Congregation That Found Its Wings 2E Effective Adult Programs in the Program-Sized Church 2F Transforming Congregations: Transitions in Staffing Models (see 1F)  2G Spiritually Vital and Alive: Creating Inspiring and Contemporary Worship 2H What We Can Learn From the FCT Survey 3A Build it—They will Come! 3B Life Above the Plateau: Could Your Midsize Church Be Larger? 3C Inspired Faith, Effective Action 3D 1st Unitarian Church of Des Moines: 505 in ’05 3E The Consultation on Ministry to and with Youth   3F Spiritually Effective Decision Making 3G Transitions in Worship/Faith Development (see 1F) 3H Beyond the “Any Warm Body in the Eleventh Hour” Method of Nominating 4A The Uncommon Denomination: The Good News about Marketing Our Faith 4C Our Unfinished Journey 4D All Souls Church, Unitarian—Breaking Through to Large Church Size 4E Growth by Young Adults 4F Practicing Wholeness: Resources for Congregational Leaders 4G An Introduction to“Singing the Journey” 4H Umbrella Giving, Planned Giving and Endowments

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